The Gorgeousity

GORGEOUSITY (adjective. noun. adverb. feeling.) \ ˈgȯr-jEEEəs \ih-TEEEE

1. An informal pop-up playgroup and party for grown-ups.
2. A place to make art and friends.
3. A gently immersive theater experience created by and starring
YOU (and all your fellow Gorgeous Travelers).
4. An epic journey filled with peril, flying creatures, beauty, snacks and goofiness.
5. A new head space.

WHO is The Gorgeousity FOR and WHAT is the experience like? 

The Gorgeousity
is for everyone, and it can happen just about anywhere. All you need is a gathering space - where your group can sit and draw comfortably - and some room to play and move about.  WE BRING THE REST.

You color and make new friends in a relaxed environment for a while. Usually there are snacks. Sometimes there is beer. Then, you and your Gorgeousity Guides create and perform in your own music-filled, epic adventure. You bring your psyche and your own, gorgeous self. We bring decades of immersive theater making and teaching experience and, together, we make a little magic. Also, there is lots of laughing.

The Gorgeousity
is a fun way to meet new folks and connect. It's a great tool for collaboration, team building and problem solving. It can be a little revelatory about our relationship to art and play as adults. It is most decidedly NOT earnest, but it does contain a few thousand times the daily recommended dose of empathy-building.

There are as many ways to Gorgeous as there are people. Below are some general categories.
Click on them to learn more. OR- get in touch with us and tell us how YOU want to GORGEOUS with YOUR group, your organization, your world - to a more peaceful, joy-filled, connected place.
Come. Gorgeous with us.

Testimonials & Reviews

The audience left The Gorgeousity changed, with a new appreciation for the power of creativity in us all. When it was over, I wanted to do it all again.

Deb R.
I loved it. The spirit of collaboration, openness and receptivity was transformative.

David B.
The Gorgeousity draws out the inner artist and playful diva living inside you.


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HOW The Gorgeousity  WORKS

The Gorgeousity is for Everyone. And can happen just about anywhere.


All you need is a gathering space for some people.( 20-50 depending on your needs.) Somewhere to sit and snack and draw comfortably. Room to play and move about.


WHO hosts The Gorgeousity?

The Gorgeousity creates an instant community of inspired and joyful collaborators, playmates and new friends.

Through  gently immersive art and theater making, attendees take a fantastical, epic journey to face the rough seas, seemingly insurmountable or outrageously silly ordeals and fight myriad mythical and mundane beasts of their own making.

The Gorgeousity gently draws from long dormant,  creative wellsprings. It softly tears the veil of “other” from the faces of your fellow adventurers. It ferries you along a sea of seemingly impossible instant art making and performance and lands you in a new place- having experienced all that you never thought you could do. Without a single, earnest, “owie.” 

Plus, there are snacks and beer.

If you need the new tools for collaboration, team building  and problem solving.
If you love to have fun.
If you want to learn to hear, see, anew awaken your empathy.
If you love to laugh.
If you want to connect with strangers, make new friends, find new partners, forget your old self for a while. Shrug off your loneliness.
If you like to draw.
If you hate to draw.
If you yearn to see the world as a place filled with potential: allies, friends, collaborators, and community who can face and solve or reframe the most daunting of obstacles and seemingly entrenched of problems.
Come. Gorgeous with us